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Daily Stranger 110

A Few More Chi Marathon Photos

Outside the Hilton.
Inside the Nike store. Huge!
The line at the Nike store in the McCormick Place.
My illos along with one of the runners I drew.

A runner stretching in the morning, probably my favorite illo from the project.

Chicago Marathon Illos

I recently had the pleasure of working with Big-Giant on Nike's 2009 Chicago Marathon ad campaign. It was a great experience that included many illos and lots of hand-drawn type. I should say that the information type was done by Big-Giant, I am responsible for the rest. They are a great firm and I am very grateful towards them for involving me in the project.

These are snapshots my wife and I took downtown. I will post professional photos as soon as I get them. Enjoy!

At the Nike store inside The Hilton.
On Michigan Avenue's sidewalk (so cool!).
Inside the Nike store in the McCormick Place.
Again, the McCormick Place.

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